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Jump In Here If You Fancy Some Photoshop Basic Walkthrough

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best photo editing and graphics app there is to use. Everybody knows this and so it has been accepted by almost everybody.

There are lots of features that make Photoshop standard and unique from other apps that perform the same functions as Photoshop.

One thing however is that new users don’t usually have a clue how these tools and features work. So they find themselves at the mercy of the app.

This article is here to prevent that.

Photoshop would be a lot easier for you if you know basic things such as setting your workspace, discovering the tools and making do with key commands.

This tutorial will be helpful if you care about navigating through the area of web and graphic designs, or you just want to enhance some photos.

Alright, let’s get started. There is a whole new experience out here.

Phase 1

Get to know your workspace. You know how you mess with your phone before you get how some features work? You can do the same here.

Just familiarise yourself with the tools and observe the changes they make to your work. You are only trying something new out; nobody can blame you if you make a mess.

Phase 2

You can start a new project now.

Glance at the top-left corner of your computer screen, you would see the toolbar. Find “File”, click on it and click on “New” afterward.

There, you have a new project underway.

Phase 3

You would be faced with a choice of what size you want your workspace to be. To a new user, this might be sort of daunting.

If you are not sure if what size you want, leave it at default. For this tutorial, use 5 inches by 5 inches (Width and Height).

You can leave the resolution at 72.

Before you click OK, you might want to name your project.

Phase 4

Now, add a new layer.

Take a look at the bottom-right corner of your workspace; you would see a tab called “Layers’.

If you can’t find it there, you will find it under the window at the right hand side of the screen. Your first layer would be automatically titled as “Background”.

To create a new layer, select the layer tab on the bottom-right corner and you have your new layer.

It is recommended that you name every layer you create. This will make your workspace look legit organised.

You should also note that you will work with multiple layers, depending on what exactly you are working on.

Phase 5

Now, let’s insert an image.

You have to be sure you are on the right layer. Select “File” from the toolbar, look down and select “Place”.

Using this method is more appropriate and easier than using the copy and paste option to insert your image.

If you have successfully added an image into your layer, let’s go to the next phase.

Phase 6

To tweak more aspects of your photo, use the Magic Wand tool.

Right click on the “Magic Wand” on the toolbox, situated at the left side of the screen.

This allows you to use different selection methods. Alter these selections in any manner you like. There is more you can do.

If you double click on a layer, you have additional functions such as emboss, texture, gradient and a whole others you can manipulate. Keep tinkering with them. You would be surprised at what you can achieve.

You might want to place an image before or after another. Just click and drag the layer you want to move above or below the layer you want to switch with.

Alright, it’s time for you to get creative. You should have an enhanced image or photo on your screen. I trust you are feeling pretty good about yourself.

That’s it. You’ve been walked through Adobe Photoshop basics. Don’t close the app yet, continue exploring and keep marvelling at the wonders you can do with it.